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. let's get the latest from new york. >> superstorm sandy may have destructiont the behind continues to have a lasting impact. in hoboken, new jersey, national rolled in where 20,000 flooded in stranded homes. stillter of this city is supplies arend running low. farther south, the powerful lifted homes from their foundations and ruptured gas spreading fears of a e explosion. a> everywhere you go, you hear noise of the open gas lines. >> utility crews cannot reach fire in an affluent jersey e neighborhood and are until they can shut off the gas. york, it really is a tale cities. nie you can see the stark difference. manhattan split in half. those with power and those without. above 34th street, the lights are on. below 34th street, it's dark and vacant. but gribble little scary, we just have to make it work. >> 14 of 23 subway lines in the running on a limited basis. traffic on the street remains clogged. mayor ordered an unprecedented passenger menem for all three-car minimum. in brooklyn, share a shovel into , that's another idea. >> the lights are back on in our area f
inside. supposed to be early voting today, but because of sandy, they added an extra day to early voting here in the state of maryland. will remain open until 9:00 this evening. >> thank you. is on your side. we are tracking the problems at the polls. we would love for you to share see us anywhere that you can be long lines, malfunctioning machines, just visit our website. and on twitter, use the hastag #pollproblems. >> hurricane sandy being blamed for one more death. an elderly man was trying to shovel snow dumped by the monster storm. fema is reporting 13,000 people are staying in shelters right now. let's find out what is happening in manhattan. good afternoon. >> the temperatures are definitely dropping, and that is not helping the families who have lost everything, and the millions who are still without power. sandy's victim's woke up in a cold and dark home yet again this morning well looking for help. tempers are flaring up as many residents feel they have been left out in the cold. >> this is really a dangerous situation and it is a dangerous place in the dark. island, were the
york and new jersey are bracing for the storm as they are still recovering from hurricane sandy. residents are being warned to evacuate the second time in two weeks. people need to get out and start stocking up on supplies. a >> just what i thought i was going to get more sleep we are getting this nor'easter and it will be all hands on deck again. >> it is not expected to be anywhere near as strong as superstorm sandy. >> mellon is the first in the nation -- maryland is the first state in the nation to allow marriage by popular vote. it got 52% of the vote. it >> of sides are trying to sway voters. -- both sides were trying to sway voters. supporters rallied at an event on the streets of maryland. not everyone is happy with the outcome. >> marriage in maryland will conclude same-sex couples. if voters narrowly approved the controversial question 6. >> i think melic equality should be for everyone. >> overwhelming a motion for everyone. it was the first day to approve the issue through popular vote. >> this is a great opportunity. i am proud to be an american. >> earlier this yea
. a nor'easter blankets towns and cities. a plunging residents still recovering from hurricane sandy into cold darkness. >> our neighbors and friends -- this is what we are picking out of the water. >> in new york and new jersey, 60,000 customers who got their power back after sandy lost it all again. >> are you frustrated with con ed? >> extremely so. there are good and extremely organized people there, but their response to the storm has been a scandal. >> the nor'easter grabbed at least 1700 flights and stranded thousands of people on the long island railroad, the biggest commuter rail and the country. >> new york city police were forced to) station because of overcrowding. >> i want to go home. mother nature hates us. >> the snowfall forced people in new jersey to once again evacuate. the storm even forced fema and the red cross off of staten island with was decimated by sandy. >> where are they going to put us? we are human beings. >> another disaster we do not need at this time. everybody is devastated. it did not know if they are coming or going. >> the storm is now in new eng
beyond the grave. >> and the decision is made on the fishing pier which for can sandy left in ruins. crocs at grey is slowly burning away. jacqui jeras has the >> and prince william county, a surprising turn of events in the damascus court room. the east coast rapist is back out of the plea deal. we have the latest. >> a very surprising turn of events here the prince william county courthouse in manassas as errant, as the man known as the east coast rapist backed out of a plea deal. he was expected to plead guilty to two cases of rape. from an incident on halloween of 2009 in dale city. but when he was asked how he pleaded, he said i do not know which way is right or not. i am not sure i know what i am doing. after that was dismissed, the reconvened to discuss a future court date. he has a plea hearing set for november 30 and loudoun county for a separate rate. --for a separate rape. his next court date hearing is in prince william county on january 14. after what happened here this morning it is impossible to know what is going to happen later this month. thomas's next court date s
that sank in hurricane sandy. >> it is a little chilly out there today but tomorrow that cold could mix with rain. anncr: which do you believ what mitt romney's tv ads say about women? or what mitt romney himself says? mitt romney: do i beeve the supreme court... should orturn roe v. wade? yes. and it would be my preference that they, that they... reverse roe v. wade. hopefully reverse roe v. wade. overturn roe v. wade. planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. i'll cut off funding to planned reparenthood. anncr: no matter what mitt romney's ads say. we know what he'll do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. >> hundreds of thousands of people are still left in the cold without power after the storm last week. a family and we to and is hoping to make a difference by driving to new york with a 14-foot truck with supplies. volunteers will help sort the items and looking at the devastation from sandy, you want to do something. >> crew members of the age and is bounded that sunk off cape hatteras are now speaking out for the first tim
about that in a few minutes. steve? >> in the aftermath of hurricane sandy, gas rationing in effect only a quarter of the city's stations were open after the storm. that was complicated by the nor'easter that blanketed the region with snow. >> with gasoline difficult to come by, gas rationing in newark city and long island. drivers have increasingly -- in new york city and long island. drivers have increasingly short fuses. >> if you run up in a few hours. >> @ since apiece as a man pushes his -- a tense piece after a man pushes his car to the promised land. more than 500,000 customers across the region are living without power and many also need gas to keep generators running in frigid temperatures. >> 90% is not a victory. the 10% who do not have power is not a defeat. we will keep working and keep pushing the utility companies every day until that number is 0. >> new york city mayor michael bloomberg is taking action, starting at gas rationing system. gas will be rationed stupid drivers with -- will be rationed to drivers who is license plate ends with an odd number to debt -- today.
will headed back to >> in the aftermath of hurricane sandy, communities coming to cope with the while moving towards recovery. >> hot chocolate, blankets. >> a massive effort under way to that the hundreds of thousands of people without power have basic necessities -- warmth.ter, and >> it is a pretty awesome. it is cool that someone doesn't stuff and they drop off and over and theyome really need. new york city is starting to normal.o 80% of the subway is back running, school is back session as well. being blamed for in the united states. the recovery continues here as the search begins to for 2075 people maryland. look at this. much of this town was flooded including atorm, public housing community which to more than 100,000 people. >> the magnitude of the damage led abc to declare today a day giving. morningning "good america" anchors joined actors celebrities to host a with proceeds going to red cross. katie couric will continue that on her show today. you can help with just a simple click. as part of the day of giving, be donating $1 to the red cross for every us on facebook. >>
is expected to be fine. sandy slammed on tens of thousands are without power. are sleeping in heavy coats. the secretary of homeland security toward the area saying is committed to helping all effected. it people in the twin cities are from a couple of tornadoes. in west st. paul late saturday the been behind some twisted trees.nd it's been 12 years since a has hit minnesota in november. an oddity in in the world.f >> that's my old hometown. really where to get a in november and high of 69 that day on saturday. today? guess what? >> close to 70 here. 11 degree wind chill and first snow fall. we will not be that cold or sees but i justher, wanted to show wanted-- and no either. but how powerful this storm has .een in minnesota and wisconsin. of stops there. in indiana this morning. the time lapse for this morning, started out nice and clear. look at the moon. a beautiful shot in the potomac. skies are nice and sunny this morning. thickenre starting to up, and mostly cloudy skies by the time you drive home. rain moving in across ohio and temperatures ahead of it have been so warm. 67 a reag
obama is on the ground in new york city looking at recovery efforts following hurricane sandy. this is video from the president departing this morning. 16 days after the storm thousands are still without power. the president scheduled to meet with families responders and local leaders. the hurricane is blamed for a spike in unemployment filings with nearly 500,000 making claims last week the highest level in 18 months. the labor department says most claims came from the states impacted by the storm. people can claim unemployment if there were place closes in washington, the focuses of the so-called fiscal cliff with republicans responding to the president's proposal. >> an opening bid of 1.6 trillion in taxes is not serious. it is more than simpson-bowles or any bipartisan commission has called for. >> mitch mcconnell went on to call move a joke. democrats will be adopted as their position later this afternoon. it is another chilly day in the nation's capital. not as much sunshine today. >> we do not have the psychological sunshine giving us the boost that we in in terms of te
of sandy are under the microscope. >> israel moves closer to a military action in after an attack the world has not seen in more than 40 years. let's look outside. sunshine. it is looking better than earlier. will check in >> a developing story in the middle east. strip isin the gaza intensifying. a rocket fell north of the city. it is the first time it has been on since 1970. it struck the ministry building. cover at least 27 people have died. activatedi army has is a0 reserve troops and troops on the and border, signaling a possible ground invasion. killed interans were texas. 16 others were hurt. the accident happened yesterday in mid in texas. they are not sure what caused deadly accident. it is not clear if the crew of n saudi float on the tracks. thousands remain without in new york and new jersey. power has been restored to 95% of customers. an associated press analysis of bigge times from other hurricanes and storms suggests response may be than with even faster storms. >> it is starting to look better outside. >> bright sunshine. it is looking and feeling good. >> you started your
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11